Data visualization for data that’s too big and
too important to squeeze into bar charts and pie charts

There’s nothing wrong with bar and pie charts—but much of the data that you’re interested in can reveal twice the insight when expressed using techniques that don’t force aggregation or limit your options to just a few types of charts.

Here’s what our technology does:

  • Empowers you dig deep into big and complex data to discovering patterns and trends long before they get aggregated;

  • Enables you to integrate data from many different sources through an in-memory process that enables powerful analysis before and during data visualization;

  • Responds to real-time data and the speed of your business; and

  • Answers tough questions for both sophisticated and everyday users through innovative graphics that react with interactive input on any platform.

Real-Time Analytics

Problem: Your world doesn’t want to be
squished into a reporting dashboard.

We’ve known for a long time that data frequently runs like a river and that structured dashboard views act as a dam and prevent information from flowing naturally to decision makers. So we came up with thousands of techniques that allow all types of business, research and operational data to be expressed in ways that end users understand instantly.

Our software and solutions approach has evolved over two decades around hands-on experience working with all shapes and sizes of corporate, technical and real-time data that few companies can match.

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Problem: Your data is big and
your dashboard isn’t.

AVS has thousands of techniques for capturing huge amounts of data, processing it (meaning performing complex calculations, predictions and algorithms within our own high performance in-memory cube) and then publishing the results to all types of devices and platforms.

AVS has invested 20 years of research and development into how end users use data (and how software developers develop solutions) so that everyone can make the best possible decision in the least amount of time.

Our full line of software products and professional services are designed to help business executives, software engineers, data scientists and researchers elevate the decision-making process with techniques and tactics that go farther and faster that other options.

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Big Data Visualization

Problem: Your business runs in real time
and your dashboard doesn’t.

Dashboards are great for reporting and general business intelligence but they weren’t built for real time data or decision making. AVS reduces latency and increases performance with the most versatile tools available that were designed to take on the biggest, fastest and most important data.

“Real time” means something different to every client. Maybe your data updates just once a day—or once a second. Regardless, AVS will help you analyze and visualize the changes, impact and meaning of data flowing through your business like no other software company can.

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Problem: You’re working with complex
research or scientific data

If your data comes in large, complex and unusual formats, AVS has a complete line of software products that will help you better understand and publish your work. With decades of experience in the world of engineering, medicine, manufacturing and academia, AVS is an established leader in advanced data visualization for research, high performance computing and parallel processing.

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high performance computing

Solution: Connect with our team and
we’ll show you the AVS difference!

Our team of data visualization and software development professionals can help you take your data and solutions to new levels of performance and potential. Say “Hi!” and let’s get serious about data visualization!

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